Don’t just code, solve problems


Joomla! Day Kenya happened this weekend on 17th Sept and I got to learn a lot, both as part of the organizing team and as an attendee listening to what the speakers had to offer.

The importance of team work can not be understated when organizing such an event.Human interaction however simple can prove taunting sometimes and being pulled away from the daily coding routine has really helped broaden my soft skills.

Oduor @jagerome highlighted this fact during his session ‘Networking is an Art’. Sh*t happens but you’ve got to talk to someone, any fears are just perceived due to our being insecure. Thinking we are not equipped/knowledgeable/wealthy enough to walk up to whoever or email them. Being turned down is a big turn off but it boils down to a simple fact that you will never know unless you try.csicubvxgaaejqu-jpg-large

I did a session on Joomla 101, introducing new web enthusiasts to Joomla. Highlighting key feature and showing them where to get information, extensions and support. We did a quick install on the free hosted service provided by Joomla! and showed how easy it was to setup and post content.

The two keynotes (Integrating Voice calls to a Joomla website and Online Payments on Joomla) where a wow factor for me.

Patric @patrick_mutwiri show cased how you could initiate voice calls from your Joomla website using Africa’s Talking APIs. Africa’s Talking APIs allows one to manage all mobile related services via a web portal be it Airtime, USSD, SMS, or Voice Calls. He demonstrated how it could be enhanced to a call center with agents and calls being logged. He even did several example on sending SMS and making Calls and a few of our attendees where lucky to receive mobile airtime via his website.

When I emailed Mark @mwongzie¬† from @pesapal an invitation to speak at JoomlaDay Kenya, what I had in mind was a practical step by step presentation on how one would go about setting up and receiving payment through Pesapals Payment gateway APIs. Mark on the other hand seemed to have already pictured his audience. knowing it would be a mixture of novice and gurus, his presentation highlighted on ‘Growing value through online payments’ and given also he had 30 mins or so for his presentation he steered clear of hard core code and instead focused on growing value. In a very interactive manner he made us realize its not just about coding its about adding value and solving problems.

Technology changes very fast and and it is imperative to be dynamic and solution driven.






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