Naturing the craft

Being a software developer is not an easy feat, it requires not only the skill but a dedication to advancing this skill. The ever changing technology landscape does not allow one to just sit back and throttle along. One has to keep up with standards and best practices as it evolves with every new technology and releases. iHub organized a conference/workshop #DevCraftKe in pursuit of this very purpose for the Kenya developer community.

DevCraft is a conference for software developers by software developers. Its
aim is to raise the quality of the software craft in Kenya through providing
access to a community that champions good software development practices.
In this global economy, it is becoming more important for developers to match their standards with international best practices. DevCraft was born out of the Craftsmanship Series, a series of developer-centric training that are aimed towards raising the quality of the software craft in Kenya. After a successful round of training iHub decided to have a conference dedicated specifically to this topic. DevCraft catered for developers of all skill levels and all languages covering major tracks like software development, professional practices, Dev-Ops, Scrum, APIs, software design, soft skills and emotional intelligence among others.
I was not able to attend in person due to other commitments but I tried to follow as close as possible through social media. So here are some of the tweets that caught my attention.


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