{Debug Mode}

Tired geek at the end of the week
Content not coded to the Intent
Wanting to ‘run’ life in debug mode

Building main life always returns an error
At the rate of amnesia being high
Why is debugging so memory intensive

The team server is offline half the time
Profiler indicating worn out snap shots
Yet revert modifications is disabled

Checking out a new template every New Year
Importing and adding to favorites
Only to forget to compile and process it

A quick version checks ‘aging fast!
Time to package and upgrade
Settle down on permanent storage

Advanced commands defining responsibility
Hard to trace, calibration all the tougher
All the time, a need to scan for external changes

The pallets come in handy
Dragging and dropping from that scripture
Auto running feeds from that soap

Looking up to the skies
Wondering who’s got the source code
Refactor, Rename, looming in our minds

Tweeting a prayer to whoever it is
Hoping one can apply a patch
Merge history or update differences

Script n’ Rhyme
by Shedyk.


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