Full Moon at Christmas

The grass felt furry, a natural carpet so awesome
Semi-lit in the starry night, all prickly yet soft and tender
We lay on our backs, the cosmos slowly gliding above our eyes

In the distance a stream of light struck through the hills and canopy
Long shadows criss-crossed our bare skin,the random tattoos almost felt real
I could sense the deepest of aura’s arise as we tightened the embrace

The landscapes before us turned amber, an energy beckoning
The horizon glowed in strokes of Gold, as the full moon rose
Our hearts mellowed in the splendor,our minds wondered in its magnificence

A tender peck and a sigh of pleasure escapes her curled lips
The long lashes of light engulfed us like sheets of silk,gentle on the skin
Thawing our very soul as we melted into each other, giving in to the yearning

As the rising moon took the night skies with an increasing passion
So did we take each others emotion to the next level, love at its utmost core
Watery tides rising with every rhythm, stars twinkling with every mourn

Heart beating fast,soul kisses interrupted by hot breath
What could beat a beautiful sunrise ten-fold, surpass its enchanted awe
‘A full moon rising to the wake of lovers, witnessed by the stars’

Script & Rhyme
by Shedyk.

(from 2010 archive)


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